Counseling Services

Welcome! The picture on this page reminds us that we are always striving for growth and reaching upwards. Please give us a call to continue your journey towards healing and growth.

Evergreen Counseling SA offers services for for adult individuals, families (adults only), and couples. We are an LGBTQ affirming office. Please see below for more information or call us at (210) 376-1314 for questions or to set up an appointment.

Individual Therapy

If you need a safe place to address: 

PTSD or trauma
Relationship or Family Issues
Sexual assault or abuse
Grief or loss
Self-development or growth
Women's issues

Evergreen Counseling SA provides bilingual (Spanish) counseling services. Please see Allison Atkinson’s bio on our About Us page for more information.

Couples Therapy

Navigating relationships isn't always easy. When individual needs clash, problematic behaviors become patterns, and life stressors get in the way it can be difficult to become "unstuck". Couples therapy addresses issues such as: 

Communication problems
Creating deeper connection
Intimacy issues
Navigating separation or divorce
Managing mental health issues within the relationship

Family Therapy

Families can be our greatest joy and a source of great stress. Family therapy can allow all family members to express themselves in a thoughtful and compassionate environment. Please note that Evergreen Counseling SA, PLLC only serves adult clients. Family therapy can address:

Creating healthy co-parenting post divorce or separation
Family conflict including between adult siblings, parent/adult child, extended family, etc
Blended Families
Supporting a family member as they heal from sexual assault/abuse
Managing mental health issues within the family
Addressing family secrets